Couple of dates for people looking to become officials or coaches.

Sunday 8/3/18. Taunton. Field judge, track judge, starters assistant and health and safety

Saturday14/4/18 Cheltenham. Field judge, health and safety

Sat/Sun 10/11/3/18. Bath. Coaching assistant

Sat/Sun 14/15/4/18. Gloucester. Coaching assistant

The club always needs both officials and coaches so please, think about doing one of these courses.

Also reminder that the closing date for field event athletes at the Swindon Open Meeting on 17/3/18 is 10/3/18 (track athletes can enter on the day) and it is advisable to enter the field meeting at Yate on 24/3/18 in advance as entries cost double on the day, no closing date advertised. Also entries are open for our own FieldFest meeting on 15/4/18, programmes and entry forms available at the desk on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.