Endurance Running – What we Offer

Welcome to the endurance running side of Team Bath Athletic Club. We welcome runners of all ages and abilities who wish to run socially or competitively over distances of 800 metres upwards to ultra-marathons, whether this be on the track, road, cross-country or multi-terrain. Under 18’s wishing to join these sessions contact our coaching coordinator on the contacts page

Training Sessions

Team Bath AC has exclusive use of the track at the Sports Training Village (STV) at the University of Bath from 18:00 – 20:30 on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The training sessions for senior endurance runners usually run from 19:00 – 20:30 and are organised by our UKA Endurance Running Coach Paul King supported by a number of other Coaches and Leaders in Running Fitness.

There are a variety of activities available on training nights ranging from track repetition/interval training to supervised road and/or trail routes.

Tuesday Sessions

The Tuesday track sessions tend to be longer repetitions focussing on building speed endurance for distances of 10km, Half Marathon, Marathon and over. In the summer, provided ground conditions are good, these sessions will occasionally move on to one of the nearby playing fields at the University.

Thursday Sessions

The Thursday track sessions tend to be shorter, faster repetition/intervals particularly suited for those planning on doing track (800m – 10,000m) over the summer, but also suitable for any middle distance or endurance runner who wants to build up their speed. At Half-Marathon and Marathon training times of the year, Thursdays also include parallel longer tempo/threshold repetition sessions. Periodically track sessions will be substituted with short hill repetition running.

Road Running Sessions – Tuesday’s and Thursday’s

On Tuesday and Thursday evenings there are also a variety of groups that go out running on the roads and/or trails (Summer months). Athletes doing these runs again meet at the Sports Training Village and set out at 19:00 usually returning about an hour later. Each group will be led by a qualified Leader in Running Fitness. The slower groups will cover about four miles and the faster groups about six to eight miles. Be reassured that you will not be left behind if you start dropping off the pace within the group. When these runs take place entirely or partly in the dark the Club’s Top – Tag – Run applies. This is the Club’s policy for all night time running outdoors other than on the flood light running track.

Sunday Sessions

The Club also has a supervised endurance running group going out for a slow long run on Sunday mornings usually leaving the Sports Training Village at 09.30 and returning approximately 11.00.

Strength and Conditioning

Training is also supplemented with a variety of strength and conditioning sessions aimed at complementing your running performance. For example trunk/core strength training takes place on Tuesdays following the track and road runs.

Why join us?

Training sessions are undertaken in a friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Numbers participating in each session can vary between 80 to 30 athletes depending on the time of year and race calendar. Generally, Tuesday evening sessions tend to be the more popular.

Our main endurance running Coach Paul King and other Club Coaches are always happy to assist with individual training needs and concerns aiming to help each athlete reach their goals and aspirations.

RunningBath 5k Time Trial

On the 1st Tuesday of each month, the Club runs the RunningBath 5K Time Trial – those wishing to participate meet as usual at the STV at 19:00. Further information is here .

 Racing Opportunities

We encourage everyone to compete for the club whether it is track, road, cross country, or multi-terrain races.

Team Bath AC traditionally competes in a number of races throughout the year both locally and nationally. For example the Welsh Castles Relay (June), the Sutton Park Road Relays (throughout the year), and the Gloucester League cross country series (Oct to March).

Team Bath AC also hosts the Cotswold Way Relay (at the end of June), with several TBAC teams competing.Top of Form

During the winter TTR is in place;  hi-viz and shoe tags must be worn if running outside with our road groups or time trial.

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