RunningBath 5K Presentation 2019

The presentation of prizes for the 2019 RunningBath 5k Timetrial will take place in the entrance area to the University sports village at 7pm on Tuesday 7th January 2019.

Prize winners are requested to make every effort to attend to receive their prizes from our sponsors RunningBath.

Running Bath 5K Time Trial

The RunningBath 5K Time-Trial is held on the first Tuesday every month and is sponsored by the Running Bath sports shop. The event is provided as a training option for Team Bath AC members but non-members are welcome to check with the organisers for permission to take part.

There is no entry fee. Athletes gather outside the entrance to the University of Bath Sports Training Village at 7pm for a briefing. The road course (see map and risk assessment) is 3 laps out and back then approximately 200 metres to the finish.

Athletes are advised to wear safety bibs in adverse weather conditions or from September to the end of March. The roads are not closed to traffic.

After finishing competitors are given a finishing disc which should be given to a volunteer located just inside the Sports Training Village. Results are recorded on this page and in the Bath Plug newsletter. An annual league is arranged in conjunction with the time-trial.

The final placings are calculated using the fastest six results in a calendar year. Prizes are awarded to the top three men, top two men over 40, top man over 50 and top under 20 man. For women the top 4 unless no over 40 is in the top 4 in which case the top 3 women and top over 40 plus top under 20.

Non members are not eligible for prizes.

Results & League Table 

The RunningBath 5K Timetrial league table is printed. The final table will be determined by the fastest six results recorded in 2020

All 5k enquiries (including praise, feedback and corrections!) to Ray Brigden using the form below.