Wiltshire Athletic Association supported by Wiltshire and Swindon Sport will be hosting the fifth annual Wiltshire Athletics Awards evening at Doric Park in Trowbridge on Saturday 3rd March June 2018 to recognise those who make the county an outstanding place to run, jump and throw. There are awards for athletes, coaches, officials and others who give their time to make it possible for us to run and participate in events.

Team Bath AC was an active supporter of this scheme and normally get several athletes onto the short list

In 2018 our members achieved the following awards:

Tom Gale – Athlete of the year (winner)

Di Viles – Coach of the Year (winner)

Graham Mattacks – Official of the year (winner)

John Webster – Unsung Hero of the year (highly commended)

Ransford Ako’Nai – Young Male Athlete of the year (highly commended)

Zoe Mattacks – Female Athlete of the year (highly commended)

Caitlin Wosika – Female Athlete of the year (highly commended)

Steve Hutchinson – Official of the year (highly commended)

For more details see the Wiltshire Athletics Awards website.

Team Bath AC can submit up to three per category but each must come with strong justification as to why they deserve to win. Experience tells us that just naming the best athlete in the area does not guaranteed to make the short list however deserving.

Other TBAC nominations for the awards that did not make the final Wiltshire committee shortlist were Rory Howorth, Jake Burkey, Robyn Ellison, John Howorth, Caroline Brenchley, Julie Alexander, Colin Baross, and Hayden Bailey.

EDIT – Sadly this awards process is no longer run by WAA 

Team Bath Wiltshire Awards Nomination form

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