Every gold medal, every personal best, is based on the athletes’ development from school sports day to the world stage.

It involves a team of coaches, officials and volunteers. Why don’t you get involved today and help us make it happen!

So your child has started training at Team Bath AC. Once again you are left in the reception area of the STV for a couple of hours whilst they go in search of their dreams of the podium at the Olympics.

What to do? You could go and have a snack and some coffee in the STV café. (It’s actually very good)

If the weather is nice you can also view the main track arena from the café terrace. You’re sure to meet many parents in the same boat as you.

Once the competition season starts you’ll also find a welcoming community of parents at the various venues around the region. They will all be equipped with pop up tents, fishing stools, umbrellas and cool boxes.

This is where you will also be able to get some ‘expert’ advice on which open competitions you children should do and also the best place to sit so you can see the event without getting soaked! It’s a summer sport ‘honestly’! You’ll also find out about athlete X, who has never lost on this track.

Athletics is known as a sport of individuals but there really is no community team spirit like it! Just wait until the relays start.

Why not get involved? The activities you see at the club cannot happen without this support and the next athlete X may never be developed. It could be your child that misses out.

Did you know that it takes a minimum team of five to run most of the field events? This is despite most clubs only having a handful of qualified officials. The other four or five will be made up of parents ‘roped’ in on the day and supervised by the qualified official.

You may think that this is not for you or that you don’t know enough to assist, but that’s how everyone starts. Many of our best coaching staff started out just wanting to help. All of our qualified officials are parents of athletes who have assisted in order to ensure that the events can go ahead. Most continue long after their children have flown the nest.

Unfortunately, without these volunteers there are no training sessions or competitions.

If you find that you enjoy it and you’d like to be more involved then club funded training is also available for both coaching and officiating. You can see the pathway information under the coaching or officials section. No pressure, but whatever level of support you can offer is appreciated.

You and your children are on a journey. Be an active part of it!

For more information about volunteering please contact webadmin@teambathac.org