Your safety is our concern

Team Bath uses the STV indoor, outdoor and throws hall for its weekly sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday.

Due to the high volume of Athletes in the area care must be taken when moving from training areas and also during track drills.

As a general rule ‘be aware’ of your surroundings and treat the indoor and outdoor tracks like a busy road. High speed objects will appear sooner than you think and may not be able to stop in time.

It is everyone’s responsibility to think and act safely.

The following rules show some basic etiquette that should be followed to ensure that everyone has a safe environment in which to train.

  • Be alert!
  • Check both ways before entering or crossing the indoor or outdoor track
  • If you are waiting to run or have just finished, stand clear of the track
  • Kit and Bags to be stored out of the track lanes
  • As a general rule
    If training in lanes 1-2 (distance), move to the inside of the track to recover
    If training in lanes (3-8) (sprint) move to outside of the track
    In all cases check it is clear before moving
  • If you hear ‘Track’ move out of the way
  • Do not cross the throws area even if throws cannot be seen
  • If in doubt, ask your coach!

The track and training areas have many age groups so please consider this when selecting what to wear and how you behave. You are representatives of the Team Bath at the STV.

The following power point presentation shows the main points in more detail. Press the right or left keys to step through the slide show once it has open.

Track Etiquette