TOP-TAG-RUN is now in place no exceptions

The Team Bath strapline for running on club nights is TOP-TAG-RUN to try to help you internalise that if you are running with the club outside in winter months you need to be wearing a hi-viz top and wearing a shoe ID tag. TOP-TAG-RUN is now in place at Team Bath AC no exceptions.

Regarding hi-viz the points to consider are:

visibility – the plain fact is, running outside you need to be seen.

vulnerability – if you don’t wear a hi-viz you are exposing yourself, and potentially others too (runners and  non-runners) to danger. If you cannot be clearly seen in low light conditions, you are not safe.

liability – if you don’t wear a hi-viz you can probably expect  insurers (TBAC/UKA or vehicle driver, whichever) to routinely decline liability should an incident or accident occur, irrespective of fault. The club would not be able to support you and you would shoulder any liability completely personally.
For hi-viz the maxim is, no hi-viz no safety no cover.

Shoe tags
Regarding shoe tags, the idea is that race organisers and group leaders have the minimum personal data to hand in order to be able to help you should anything untoward happen whilst you are running outside. For shoe tag the maxim is, no shoe tag no safety no help.

Encouragement from the club
The club wants to encourage all members to standardise their behaviour when running outside, and prefers to use a positive TOP-TAG-RUN headline. That said, it wants to underline its commitment to safety with TOP-TAG-RUN’s darker corollary, notop-notag-norun, meaning that going forward any 5k or group runners who are not wearing hi-viz or a tag on a club night will be routinely invited to run on the floodlit track at the STV.

Your HI-VIZ procedure
no hi-viz no safety no cover
The club has a stock of hi-viz bibs which can be purchased from the TBAC desk for £5, or if you are town the runningBath shop also has vests.
You may wish to consider hi-viz tops, constructed of bright (usually yellow) fabric which includes reflective strips, as the minimum. Additional protection would include flashing lights.  Dark fabric tops or leggings with a few reflective strips are insufficient.

Your SHOE TAG procedure
no shoe tag no safety no help
Team Bath AC encourage all runners to use ICE (In Case of Emergency) Shoe Tags. This is an important club recommendation to help identify athletes in cases of emergency. Put your name , emergency contact number and any relevant medical condition on the shoe tag. Think carefully about the best number to use, so someone will be able to take the call. If an emergency occurs when you are training at the club, your coach, group leader or running colleague can use the number quickly without the need to access our emergency contact lists. It’s also vital when training on your own, as any passer-by would be able to contact someone on your behalf.

ICE Shoe Tags are available to order at:

ID for Runners | Runners ID Tags | ID Tags For Runners | ICEtags

Please also note that when training on the tartan track that track etiquette rules apply. These are for your and the other athletes safety. Please follow the link here for more details.