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Melvyn Potter Club Athlete of the year award

Awarded annually to recognise there is more to athletics than just winning

On Friday 10th November 2017, Melvyn Potter one of the great stalwarts of the track and field side of the club, died peacefully at the age of 64.

Melvyn and his children, Adam and Lisa, joined the then City of Bath A.C in the early 1990s. Adam went on to become one of the Club’s all-time greats, winning a gold medal at the U/23 European Championships for the 4 x 400m relay.

Melvyn quickly got involved with coaching, officiating and administration and was the club’s vertical jumps coach for many years. His administrative duties in the Club included being Track and Field Secretary and also the League Secretary of the Avon League for many years. He was a valued part of the Wiltshire AA and did the entries for their County Championships.

He was always very friendly and approachable to both athletes and parents and supportive of all athletes whatever their events. Nothing was too much trouble and he regularly took on new responsibilities when required. Even when his health began to deteriorate, he would always struggle to get to meetings and sit for hours on end with stopwatch in hand, whatever the weather.

His dedication to athletics is the reason that as a Club we would like to honour his involvement by presenting the Melvyn Potter award annually to a club member that shows the qualities that he held so dear.


Any club member who has shown outstanding performances or improvement in the past year potentially in the face of adversity or hardship. The member should be respected by their fellow team members and a role model for their training groups and younger athletes. The nominee should be regarded as a great ambassador for the club.

Nominations are accepted from the coaches or members of the club for persons who they consider deserve recognition in showing these qualities.

Justification should be given with all nominations.

All nominations should be received with justification prior to the awards evening occurring in March 2020.

Past Winners

2017  Caitlin Wosika

2018  Robyn Ellison

Melvyn Potter Award 2019 Nomination

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Club Records*

*excludes wind assisted or indoor performances. Results from P010 (2005 onwards) & TBAC Archivist Melvyn Potter pre2005.

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U11 and Senior records to be added at a later date.

Age GroupEventAthleteTimewindlocationdate
U20W100mEliza Reid11.760.6Exeter15th June 2013
U20W200mEliza Reid 24.2Cheltenham30th June 2013
U20W200mEliza Reid24.41Exeter15th June 2013
U20W100mHLivia Gauntlett13.82New Haven, USA7th May 2017
U20W400mHLoren Bleaken64.97Cardiff28th July 2013
U20W400mLoren Bleaken53.96Bedford22nd June 2014
U20W800mAnna Burt02:04.5Sportcity27th May 2017
U20W1500mGemma Shepherd04:20.6Watford28th May 2016
U20W1500SCCaitlin Wosika05:00.2Exeter17th June 2017
U20W3000mGemma Shepherd09.27.6Loughborough22nd May 2016
U20W5000mJulia Bailey19.37.7Yate13th May 2007
U20WHeptathlonJenna Blundell5014Bedford14th September 2018
U20WDT1KEmily Hutchinson33.01Salisbury13th June 2015
U20WHigh JumpSade Thompson1.7Birmingham15th June 2008
U20WHammer 4KEllie-J Webb49.02Stoke Gifford16th June 2015
U20WJavelin 600gGrace Davies-Redmond39.88Bath2nd April 2017
U20WLJJenna Blundell5.890Bedford16th September 2018
U20WTJLisa Erm10.714th February 190014th May 1995
U20WTJRobyn Ellison10.7123rd February 190013th May 2018
U20WPole VaultSophie Upton 3.70Gateshead11th July 2008
U20WSP4KEmily Hutchinson12.03Yate29th June 2014
U17W100mSophie Williams12.2Bath Uni12th May 1996
U17W100mRuth Dean12.32Birmingham26th May 2007
U17W200mLoren Bleaken24.821.9Yate24th June 2012
U17W80mHJenna Blundell11.50.5Bedford28th August 2016
U17W300mHGrace Davies-Redmond43.61Don Valley14th September 2013
U17W300mLoren Bleaken39.36Gateshead2nd July 2011
U17W800mLoren Bleaken02:04.6Exeter31st July 2012
U17W1500mGemma Shepherd04:29.2Birmingham6th July 2013
U17W1500SCGemma Shepherd05:00.8Birmingham7th September 2014
U17W3000mGemma Shepherd10:04.1Tidworth24th May 2014
U17WHeptathlonGrace Davies-Redmond4552Stoke4th August 2013
U17WDT1KJess Flower32.97Bath16th May 2010
U17WHigh JumpAmelia Hempleman-Adams1.72Yate14th May 2011
U17WHammer 4KEllie-J Webb46.44Birmingham6th July 2013
U17WHammer 3KEllie-J Webb53.76Salisbury7th June 2014
U17WJavelin 600gImogen Hurst34.37Swindon14th May 2016
U17WJavelin 500gGrace Davies-Redmond35.96Birmingham22nd September 2013
U17WLJNatasha Lewis5.66Cardiff6th September 2009
U17WTJEleni Francis10.62Birmingham18th January 2020
U17WPVClare Dyer 3.64Bath14th April 2013
U17WSP3KEllie-J Webb11.39Bath3rd August 2014
U17W4x100mBath & Percy Open54Melksham26th August 1984
U17WSP4KEmily Hutchinson11.51Exeter15th June 2013
U15W100mRuth Dean12.4Yate10th June 2006
U15W100mZoe Mattacks12.46Exeter15th June 2013
U15W200mAnna Alexander-Holmes26.2Salisbury13th June 2009
U15W200mRuth Dean26.26Exeter30th July 2006
U15W75mHEllie Mount11.381.6Exeter17th June 2017
U15W300mKatie Stone42.7Yate12th July 2009
U15W300mNatasha Lewis43.93Bath28th April 2007
U15W800mLoren Bleaken02:04.6Exeter27th July 2010
U15W1500mLoren Bleaken04:38.0Don Valley11th July 2009
U15W3000mYasmin Watling10:12.0
Watford21st August 2013
U15WPentathlonAlice Wilson3059Taunton16th August 2020
U15WDT1KEllie-J Webb31.37Yate10th June 2012
U15WHigh JumpEmily Dixon1.67Stoke18th September 2010
U15WHammer 3KEllie-J Webb43.47Bath27th June 2012
U15WJavelin 600gNicky Phelps30.28Melksham28th August 1988
U15WJavelin 500gImogen Hurst36.52Yate13th June 2015
U15WLJAlice Wilson5.41Exeter15th June 2019
U15WTJEleni Francis10.29Yeovil22nd April 2019
U15WPole ValutClare Dyer 3.41Tidworth 26th June 2011
U15W4x100mAvon League51.6Yate11th September 2011
U15WSP3.25KEmily Hutchinson11.18Tidworth 26th June 2011
U15WSP3KAlice Wilson10.05Taunton4th August 2020
U13W100mAfeni Payne-Bonnick13Bath 15th August 2010
U13W100mRhiannon Bowen13.281.9Exeter17th August 2014
U13W200mAfeni Payne-Bonnick27.3Cheltenham31st May 2010
U13W200mLoren Bleaken28.35Bath10th May 2008
U13W150mAfeni Payne-Bonnick19.86Bath 15th August 2010
U13W75mAfeni Payne-Bonnick10.1Bath31st May 2009
U13W75mAfeni Payne-Bonnick10.23-1.8Cardiff18th July 2010
U13W75mHLivia Gauntlett11.181.9Exeter8th August 2010
U13W600mLaura McNab01:51.3Yate21st August 2011
U13W800mLoren Bleaken02:21.9Exeter24th June 2008
U13W1200mLaura McNab03:54.8Bath4th May 2013
U13W1500mLaura McNab04:58.2Street6th May 2013
U13WPentathlonEbony Hammond2221Exeter25th September 2016
U13WDT0.75KOlivia Wood19.48Braunton6th July 2008
U13WHigh JumpPhilippa Clifford-Jones1.48Bath27th June 2012
U13WJavelin 400gImogen Hurst27.69Yate13th July 2013
U13WLJEleanor Webster4.511.8Exeter19th July 2015
U13WPVHannah Grubb2.4Yate13th May 2007
U15W4x300mYDL U15W03:02.3Swindon15th July 2017
U13W4x100mYDL U13G56.5Bath Uni30th May 2015
U13WSP2.75KVanya Kandavan8.8Lansdown20th July 1989
U20M100mJason Gardener10.25Lisbon21st July 1994
U20M200mJason Gardener21.73Bracknell2nd May 1994
U20M110mHJoseph Hutchinson14.331Woodford8th May 2011
U20M400mHJon Forester56.6Yate14th June 2008
U20M400mCalum Eley49.3Woking25th April 2015
U20M800mJohn Howorth01:53.7Watford18th April 2018
U20M1500mPat Stevenson03:51.5Melksham26th August 1984
U20M2000SCWill Stockley06:14.0Sports City14th May 2016
U20M3000mAlex Carter08:26.1Watford29th May 2013
U20M5000mAlex Carter14:40.0Stretford17th August 2013
U20MDecathlonJoseph Hutchinson6874Bedford5th June 2011
U20MDT1.75KJoseph Hutchinson42.24Bath23rd June 2010
U20MHigh JumpTom Gale2.3Bedford29th July 2017
U20MHammer 6KFelix Vaughan34.73Bath14th April 2013
U20MJavelin 600gFergus MacDiarmid59.91Exeter24th July 2005
U20MLJAdam Potter7.13Beveren11th September 1999
U20MLJJake Burkey7.25iSheffield24th February 2019
U20MTJJames Townsend15Bedford12th June 2005
U20MPole VaultConnell Macquisten4.6Birmingham13th June 2010
U20M4x100mGRE Cup45.2Basingstoke28th April 1996
U20M4x400m1st January 1970
U20MSP4KAndrew Coury16.51Exeter21st June 2008
U17M100mWilliam Kennedy10.9Cheltenham30th June 2013
U17M100mEthan Hall11.030.9Exeter16th June 2018
U17M200mCameron Sprague21.770.4Birmingham8th July 2017
U17M100mHSam Roberts13.480Exeter18th June 2016
U17M400mHRhys Brown57.1Yate 17th April 2011
U17M400mChris Page49.84Sheffield12th July 1999
U17M400mCalum Eley50.2Yeovil14th September 2014
U17M800mHayden Bailey01:54.8Street1st May 2017
U17M1500mAlex Carter03:55.7Bedford19th August 2012
U17M3000mAlex Carter08.36.3Yate26th August 2012
U17M1500SCTom Kingsworth04:25.5Stoke on Trent20th May 1996
U17MOctathlonRory Howorth5431Bedford16th September 2018
U17MDT1.5KD Winchcombe47.88Melksham21st June 1987
U17MHigh JumpBen Davies2.03Dudley27th April 1997
U17MHigh JumpBen Davies2.03Sheffield12th July 1997
U17MHammer 5KJoshua Hay31.14Bath6th May 2012
U17MJavelin 700gRory Howorth43.41Bedford15th September 2018
U17MLJAdam Potter6.64Sheffield12th July 1996
U17MTJToby Pentreath13.550Birmingham5th July 2013
U17MPole VaultLouis Bougeard3.8Yate14th June 2008
U17M4x100mMcDonalds League46.5Dudley5th May 1996
U17M4x400mAvon League03:40.3Bath Uni14th April 1996
U17MSP5KJames Catlin13.66Yate16th June 2012
U15M100mCameron Sprague11.1Yate10th May 2015
U15M100mWilliam Kennedy11.51Yate31st July 2011
U15M200mCameron Sprague22.281.4Gateshead11th July 2015
U15M80mHLeon McRae11.04Nottingham8th July 1995
U15M300mWilliam Kennedy38.01Yate 4th September 2011
U15M300mLeon McRae37.8Bath Uni17th August 1995
U15M400mChris Page54.4Birmingham29th July 1995
U15M800mHayden Bailey01:57.8Gateshead11th July 2015
U15M1500mHayden Bailey04:08.1Bedford30th August 2015
U15M3000mAlex Carter09.14.34Bedford21st August 2010
U15MPentathlonRory Howorth2916Exeter17th September 2016
U15MDT1.25KSamuel Boulton38.8Exeter18th June 2011
U15MHigh JumpBen Davies1.83Bath Uni20th July 1995
U15MHammer 4KThomas Bridges41.11Yate13th July 2013
U15MJavelin 600gArchie Carr42.1Yate11th September 2016
U15MLJRansford Ako'nai6.1-1.3Birmingham7th July 2017
U15MTJAndrew Harris13.03Exeter10th July 1998
U15MPole VaultRichard Carter3.6Yate16th July 1995
U15MPole VaultRichard Carter3.6Birmingham29th July 1995
U15M4x300mYDL U15M02:43.4Swansea18th July 2015
U15M4x100mYDL U15M47.9Bath Uni30th May 2015
U15M4x400mMcDonalds League04:03.0Redditch30th April 1995
U15MSP4KWilliam Scammell12.05Yate13th August 2017
U13M100mWilliam Browne12.4Gloucester10th August 2014
U13M100mJoshua Wareham12.98Andover11th May 2014
U13M200mAlex Taylor26Yate11th September 2011
U13M200mWilliam Browne26.091.7Exeter17th August 2014
U13M75mHRory Howorth12.7Bath19th July 2014
U13M75mHJake Burkey12.96Exeter30th September 2012
U13M800mRory Howorth02:09.6Coventry23rd August 2014
U13M1500mRory Howorth04:22.7Watford27th August 2014
U13MPentathlonJake Burkey1534Exeter15th July 2012
U13MDT1KJ McAllister21Bath28th August 2005
U13MTriple JumpEdward Jones9.47Melksham28th August 1989
U13MPole VaultPhilip Wade2.9Wells15th July 1994
U13MHigh JumpJake Aubrey1.51Bath23rd July 2006
U13M4x100mMcDonalds League57.1Yate17th January 1994
U13MJavelin 400gJake Burkey31.72Exeter15th July 2012
U13MLJWilliam Browne5.28Exeter17th August 2014
U13MSP2.75KAnthony Piper8.65Melksham26th August 1984